To be eligible for AIM, a defendant must have a pending felony case, and meet the following requirements:

  • Be between the ages of 18-25
  • No aggravated offenses pending or in criminal history
  • No Sex Offender-status
  • No Family Violence, Child Abuse, or Arson charges pending or in their criminal history

If the pending offense is a drug offense, the defendant must have applied to DIVERT court and been rejected due to the lack of a drug problem.


AIM will provide 12-18 months of pre-trial monitoring and case management which will encompass life and parenting skills, counseling and substance abuse treatment if needed. Additionally, AIM will provide resources for housing, food, and healthcare. The AIM diversion program is centered around employment and education. Therefore, before graduating, each participant will be required to complete their GED and/or secure employment. This requirement will help ensure that the offender no longer goes through the revolving door of the criminal justice system and becomes a contributing member of our community. After graduating from AIM, the participant’s case will be dismissed and can be immediately expunged.

Entry Process

An offender may be considered for participation in AIM upon the referral of a prosecutor, their attorney, Judge or other law enforcement personnel. An AIM referral form can be obtained at the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office, located at 133 N. Riverfront Blvd. 11th Floor, Dallas, Texas 75207. Once the defendant has been screened for AIM, their attorney will be contacted with further information, including, instructions for their one-time AIM registration fee of $500, if approved for participation. The decision to deny an individual for participation in AIM depends upon many factors, including the eligibility requirements listed above, and cannot be appealed.