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Have you or your family member suffered a dog bite with injuries?

We agree that there is nothing worse that could happen. Dog bites come so unexpectedly…

But now you might think that it should be easy to receive compensation from your insurance, Colossus. You can even see the dog bite, right?

Well, actually they will do their best NOT to give you the compensation as they will be the ones LOSING their money in such a scenario. And who really wants just to give away their money?

Also, if you have no clue how to file a claim for insurance, you might make some significant mistakes which would allow the insurance company to delay or extend the process with a lawsuit to dry you out, both, financially and emotionally… (it could happen even by just misspelling your name)

This honestly would be the last thing you would expect to go so terribly wrong, won’t you?

All the above should have clearly answered your question of “do I need a lawyer for a dog bite?”

Lawyers specializing in dog bites would help you to MAXIMIZE the settlement amount without facing the financial and emotional costs related to lawsuits.

But it does not end there.

A truly great dog bite defense attorney would leverage his big network of doctors and assist you with finding a doctor that will provide you with excellent care while avoiding to be OVERCHARGED!

This is precisely what our clients get when working with us!

At [BUSINESS NAME], there are actually two crucial things you will get:

First, not only we have worked for decades as the attorney for injured people and as an insurance lawyer, but also have gone through specialized training for Colossus and other insurance company tools that are used to defeat and minimize the value of claims.

This allows us to know EXACTLY what kind of sneaky tricks the insurance company will you use against you to minimize the settlement they offer you.
Second, as we have helped hundreds of people to file their claims for injuries, we have established a long history of fruitful relations with doctors.

This allows us to find you the perfect doctor for your needs.

Not only you will receive excellent care, but also you will not get overcharged! Not to mention that ALL of the doctors we work with are hated by insurance companies.


Because they fulfill ALL of the medical requirements set out by the insurance companies.

Our clients know that all of this gives you the best chances at receiving the maximum amount of claim while making sure that the injuries incurred are taken care of by the best doctors out there!

So, here’s what we want you to do:
Fill out the form below, and let us help you get the settlement for your dog bite you rightfully deserve.

Don’t drain yourself with the complicated process of insurance claims. Let us help you and get the settlement you genuinely DESERVE!

How much is Your Claim Worth?

Filing an insurance claim against a neighbor is not an easy decision, so you need to consider the following information.

GATESVILLE Attack Dog  owners might be held liable when their Dangerous Canine  trigger injuries to other people. This is true whether the Vicious Dog  bites somebody, or otherwise triggers injury or damage to residential or commercial property. Our Expert Vicious Dog Injury Attorney makes every reasonable effort to settle a pet dog bite claim without lawsuits, understanding that a fair settlement of the problem can often be reached without having to file a suit. However, it is often required that the injured party will have to sue the Vicious Dog owner to hold him or her liable to the full degree that the law allows– or to obtain an insurance provider to move on the case.

This article touches on a few of the essential legal and practical problems included, and offers links to more in-depth information on the GATESVILLE laws involved.


GATESVILLE, Texas Attack Dog  Claims

If you or a loved one was attacked by a canine and suffered serious injuries in Texas, you might have legal premises for filing a Texas Dangerous Canine  attack suit. Filing a claim serves two primary functions:

First, submitting a suit can result in monetary settlement for your family for the harm, injury, and medical expenditures arising from the attack. The level of damage caused by pet bites can be difficult to job right away after an attack. After the injury site heals, several surgeries may be required and long-term scarring can happen.

Second, submitting a GATESVILLE GATESVILLE Dangerous Canine  attack claim may provide defense from that same animal owner endangering others. Often only litigation can serve to transform an irresponsible pet owner into a responsible one.

Our GATESVILLE attorneys provide Dangerous Canine Bite injury lawsuit representation in GATESVILLE Texas and across the country, and deal no-cost, no-obligation case review for persons throughout GATESVILLE and the United States who were injured as a result of pet owner negligence. To talk with a GATESVILLE pet attack attorney and to discover pet dog bite injury lawsuit time frame in GATESVILLE, please complete the contact form on this site or call our toll-free number. One of our attorneys serving GATESVILLE will call you immediately to discover your circumstance and address your questions.

Aware that Attack Dog can result in substantial trauma and severe injury, our attorneys serving GATESVILLE approach their work with level of sensitivity and empathy. As soon as retained to work on behalf of a private or family, our legal representatives dealing with GATESVILLE canine Injury lawsuits use knowledge and determination to the pursuit of justice. Reckless family pet owners who have actually failed to limit aggressive pet must be held accountable for negligence that resulted in major harm.

We take each case seriously, meticulously preparing it for trial although we wish to reach a settlement from court. We are committed to achieving the very best results for our customers through extensive examination and aggressive representation.

Our company offers Texas pet dog attack suit representation on a contingency basis, indicating there are never ever any legal charges unless we win compensation in your case. For a complimentary no-obligation assessment, total our short online contact type. One of our attorneys handling GATESVILLE pet dog bite injury claims will call you soon to address your questions as definitively as possible.

Dog Bite injuries are an essential nationwide issue. About 800,000 pet Attack victims need to get medical attention every year. If you were bitten by a pet dog, you might wonder if you can sue for the psychological and physical discomfort you have withstood. In Texas, there are specific instances in which you can take legal action against if you were bitten by a dog.In GATESVILLE, if you were bitten by a dog, and it was the canine’s first time ever biting somebody, you may not be able to sue according to the One Bite Guideline. This safeguards the owner in case she or he was not aware of the pet’s tendency to Injury. Likewise if you were doing any of the below, you might not have the ability to sue:

  • provoking the canine
  • intentionally took the risk of being hurt by the pet dog
  • were trespassing on the dog owner’s residential or commercial property
  • were breaking a law
  • were unreasonably reckless, which result in the canine Injury

Yet, there are numerous dog Injury circumstances that you can recuperate payment, such as if:

  • the dog that bit or assaulted you had bitten somebody previously
  • the dog had imitated it wanted to bite somebody in the past
  • the canine owner understood the pet’s biting tendencies
  • the canine owner breached a Texas animal control law, such as a leash law
  • the Attack was because of the owner’s carelessness, such as if the owner had actually maltreated or harmed the canine


beaty law firm dog bite claims attorneyIf you have actually been bitten by a pet dog, make sure you get in touch with GATESVILLE  animal control. Tell them the owner’s name, and provide a description of the pet and where the attack occurred. After alerting the authorities, you ought to contact a GATESVILLE canine Attack attorney.

About 800,000 canine Bite victims have to receive medical attention every year. If you were bitten by a dog, you might question if you can sue for the psychological and physical discomfort you have actually sustained. In Texas, there are specific circumstances where you can sue if you were bitten by a dog.In GATESVILLE, if you were bitten by a canine, and it was the pet’s very first time ever biting somebody, you might not be able to take legal action against according to the One Bite Rule. This secures the owner in case she or he was not aware of the pet dog’s tendency to Bite. Likewise if you were doing any of the below, you might not be able to take legal action against:

  • provoking the canine
  • purposefully took the threat of being injured by the pet
  • were trespassing on the pet dog owner’s residential or commercial property
  • were breaking a law
  • were unreasonably negligent, which cause the pet Attack

Yet, there are lots of pet Attack circumstances that you can recuperate compensation, such as if the Attack Dog’

  • bit or attacked you had actually bitten somebody before
  • imitated it wished to Injury someone previously
  • owner knew the Attack Dog’s biting tendencies
  • the owner violated a Texas animal control law, such as a leash law
  • the Bite was because of the owner’s neglect, such as if the owner had mistreated or damaged the dog

If you have been bitten by a dog, make certain you call Texas animal control. Tell them the owner’s name, and provide a description of the dog and where the attack took place. After notifying the authorities, you must call a GATESVILLE canine Bite lawyer.

When Should You File a Claim against the dog owner?

Image result for what action should be taken on owner in dog bite

The short answer is that you need to submit a suit versus a dog owner when you have a valid case– whether it’s for a canine bite injury or some other loss caused by the pet dog– and when the potential outcome would deserve your money and time

. The following notes some general indications that a victim must observe when thinking about whether to file an injury claim, consisting of both legal and individual indicators:

  • From a legal viewpoint, does a victim in fact hold a feasible claim for compensation, which ultimately might be held to legal standards of neglect and proximate cause in a courtroom trial?
  • Did the victim sustain damages in excess of the costs of submitting a claim and the possible monetary losses incurred in the process of healing? Typically, victims facing long-term medical problems, medical expenses, corrective care, or other economic damages ought to consider filing suit. Victims need to keep in mind that any future claims for injuries and other damages must be included in the fit or settlement arrangement, as offender’s liability for future damages is typically removed in a settlement or award.
  • Did the victim experience damages, consisting of non-economic damages, which they feel they deserve compensation for, and more notably, are the viewed non-economic damage claims sustainable from a legal point of view? If so, a victim ought to think about filing suit.
  • Who are the potentially liable parties? Though not based upon any legal grounds, private victims are often hesitant to take legal action against people or small businesses not covered by liability insurance coverage. In many cases, victims simply want compensation for their economic losses, and in turn, would choose not to trigger a private specific or fairly small company unnecessary challenge in recuperating payment.
  • If a given injury provides major medical expenses, lost earnings, relentless discomfort, or otherwise prevents a victim from physically carrying out in the manner they did prior to a mishap or injury, they need to consider filing suit.
  • If the victim feels their injuries and damages will just compound as time goes on, they more than likely will likewise discover an excellent reason to file a suit.

When Should You Sue the Owner?

The short answer is that you should submit a lawsuit versus a dog owner when you have a valid case– whether it’s for a canine bite injury or some other loss brought on by the canine– when the possible result would be worth your money and time.

Can You Win the Claim?

Vicious Dog owner can be held responsible when his/her pet dog’s behavior causes injuries or property damage, however the extent of the liability and what has to be shown in a legal case differs from one state to another.

In some states, the Dangerous Canine owner goes through stringent liability, implying that fault on the part of the pet owner does not have to be developed if the pet dog bites someone. In these states, a few concerns usually have to be resolved before the pet owner will be responsible– such as whether the individual who was bitten was legally on the residential or commercial property where the bite happened, and whether she or he did anything to provoke the pet.

Other states follow a “one bite” or negligence rule, where the focus is on whether the owner knew or ought to have understood that the pet might bite, and whether the owner took needed precautions based on that understanding.

Prior to the twentieth century, a pet owner was just held liable for his dog’s biting somebody if the owner had need to understand the pet dog may bite. This was called the “one bite” guideline since it generally meant that a dog was enabled “one totally free bite” prior to it would get its owner in legal trouble.

In modern-day times, the one bite rule does not always allow a pet one complimentary bite. If an owner knows the particular breed threatens, or if the particular dog might be susceptible to biting because of its general character or recent occasions, he could be responsible for the dog’s very first bite.

The focus is on whether the owner understood or should have known that the dog might bite, and whether the owner took necessary safety measures based upon that understanding. For instance, if a relatively aggressive pet dog recently underwent surgical treatment and the owner did not caution a house guest not to animal the pet, the owner might be held responsible if the house guest worsened the area of the dog’s surgical treatment and was subsequently bitten.

Whether the owner understood or must have understood the pet dog might bite can be a very complicated and contested concern. The plaintiff will need to supply sufficient evidence to convince the jury it was “more likely than not” the accused knew or should have understood, and the offender will need to argue why the complainant’s evidence is insufficient or offer inconsistent proof.

The kind of circumstantial evidence the plaintiff may rely on consists of: the dog’s type, what the owner used the pet for (i.e. security), how the owner trained the dog, next-door neighbors’ experience with the pet and/or warnings from the owner, and how extensively the owner usually restrained the canine.

Is It Worth It to File Claim against the Owner?

The canine’s owner may effectively be responsible for your injuries or other damages, but from a practical perspective, you have to ask yourself whether pursuing a legal remedy will actually deserve the time, money, and effort. If you were nipped on the hand and hand a leak wound treated at the ER, you may want to hesitate about making a claim. On the other hand, if you‘ve suffered substantial injuries or other losses– a canine attack costs you thousands of dollars in livestock, for instance– then filing a lawsuit is probably a great idea.

Texas hold pet dog owners responsible for the damage or damage that their animal triggers to people or other canines. In GATESVILLE, canine attack victims are offered 2 possible ways to prove owner neglect when bringing an accident or wrongful death claim.

  1. The first option is that of strict liability, whereby a victim and their attorney must show that either the pet has actually attacked another person previously (referred to as the “one bite law”) otherwise that the owner need to otherwise have known their pet was vicious and/or dangerous.
  2. The 2nd option is that of owner negligence, which could be argued in cases as numerous as canines being enabled to stroll easily around communities, or parents permitting their children to play with pet canines while not being watched. Also in GATESVILLE , as of September 1, 2007,’Lillian’s Law’ has actually taken effect, whereby the owner of a pet dog that triggers death or major physical injury may be charged with a 2nd or third degree felony when the attack happens outside the pet’s normal place of confinement (Texas Health & Safety Code Chapter 882).
  3. One final note on “when to sue”: Your state has a personal injury statute of restrictions that sets a limit on the amount of time an injured person can wait prior to filing their case in the state’s civil court system. If you’re considering filing a suit over pet dog bite injuries, you need to pay attention to and comply with this due date.



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