{Writcity} Attorney Writ Bonds


{Writcity} {Attorney|Lawyer} Writ Bonds

{Writcity} {Attorney|Lawyer} Writ Bonds allow an attorney to get a bail amount set when the magistrate is not available to set the bail. The attorney must go to Sheriff, get bail amount set and post a bail bond. Thereafter, the rules for other bail bonds apply. 

{Hiring|Employing|Working with} {an attorney|a lawyer} for a bail bond can be {especially|particularly|specifically} {effective|efficient|reliable} where there is no bond set. {Sometimes|In some cases|Often}, a judge will {deny|reject} a bond for {someone|somebody} or set the bond at an unreasonably high rate. The {US|United States} Constitution {gives|provides|offers} {everyone|everybody} the right to be {free from|devoid of} {excessive|extreme} bail. {An attorney|A lawyer} can {file|submit} {a motion|a movement} to either have a bail {amount|quantity} set or to have the bail {amount|quantity} {reduced|decreased|minimized|lowered}. This is something that can bail bond {company|business} would not {be able to|have the ability to} do. The {advantage|benefit} of having the {attorney|lawyer} {handle|manage} this matter can make the {difference|distinction} in {enforcing|imposing|implementing} those {constitutional rights|humans rights|civil liberties}. {In some cases|Sometimes|In many cases}, the judge {doesn’t|does not} set a bond. If your loved one is being {held on|hung on} a no bond warrant, no {amount|quantity} of {the money|the cash} {in the world|on the planet|worldwide}, and no {bail bondsman|bondsman} {in the world|on the planet|worldwide}, can {obtain|acquire|get} your loved one’s release from {jail|prison}. {Frequently|Often|Regularly}, no bond warrants are {issued|provided|released} when {someone|somebody} is {alleged|declared} to {have|have actually} {violated|broken|breached} their felony probation. In these {situations|circumstances|scenarios}, a criminal {defense attorney|defense lawyer} can approach the judge {assigned|designated|appointed} to the case, and {request|demand} that {he or she|she or he} set {a reasonable|a sensible|an affordable} bond. {Many times|Often times|Lot of times|Sometimes}, the judge will agree to do so. {Once|When|As soon as} {a reasonable|a sensible|an affordable} bond is set, {an attorney|a lawyer} {bail bondsman|bondsman} can then {post|publish} {an attorney|a lawyer} bail bond, and the {person|individual} will be {released|launched} from {jail|prison}.

{Cash|Money} or PR Bonds

Another {type of|kind of} bond that {an attorney|a lawyer} can {obtain|acquire|get} for his {clients|customers} is {know as|referred to as|called} {a personal|an individual} recognizance (PR) bond. In County, P.R. bonds, as they {commonly|typically|frequently} {known|understood}, can be {utilized|used|made use of} by criminal {defense attorneys|defense lawyer} to have {outstanding|exceptional|impressive} warrants {recalled|remembered}, and, {in many cases|oftentimes|in most cases|in a lot of cases}, it {may|might} be possible that the {person|individual} for whom the warrant {has|has actually} been {issued|provided|released} need {not ever|never} go to {jail|prison}. If you have {an outstanding|an exceptional|an impressive} warrant on a County criminal case, it {may|might} be possible for a County {criminal|bad guy|crook|lawbreaker|wrongdoer} {defense attorney|defense lawyer} to {obtain|acquire|get} {a personal|an individual} recognizance bond {on your behalf|in your place}, without your ever {having to|needing to} book into the County {Jail|Prison}.

{Understanding|Comprehending} {Criminal|Bad guy|Crook|Lawbreaker|Wrongdoer} Process

{Once|When|As soon as} {released|launched} from {jail|prison}, your loved one will {face|deal with} criminal charges.

If your loved one {has|has actually} been {arrested|apprehended|detained|jailed} for a felony, the case will be {referred to|described} a grand jury, which will make {a determination|a decision} {as to|regarding} whether {probable|possible|likely} cause exists for a felony charge to be {filed|submitted} {against|versus} your loved one in a County {Criminal|Bad guy|Crook|Lawbreaker|Wrongdoer} District Court. If your loved one is {arrested|apprehended|detained|jailed} for a misdemeanor offense, the case can {filed|submitted} with a County {Criminal|Bad guy|Crook|Lawbreaker|Wrongdoer} Court without {having to|needing to} be passed upon by the grand jury.

Rights of Your {Loved One|Family member}

Whether you’re {charged with|accuseded of} a felony or misdemeanor, your loved one have {an absolute|an outright} right to a jury trial. In Texas felony cases, your loved one {have the right to|can|deserve to} have a jury of twelve County {citizens|residents|people} pass upon {whether or not|whether} they {believe|think} the State can {prove|show}, beyond {a reasonable|a sensible|an affordable} doubt, that your loved one is guilty of the offense with which your loved one is charged. In misdemeanor cases, jury trials are heard {before|prior to} {six|6}, {rather than|instead of} twelve. {Also|Likewise}, {rather than|instead of} going to trial, it’s possible to strike a plea {bargain|deal} {agreement|contract|arrangement} with the State. A plea {bargain|deal} is when both the State and the Defense {agree|concur}, and can {contemplate|consider|ponder} a probated sentence, {or even|and even|or perhaps} {a reduction|a decrease} of the charges to {a lesser|a lower} offense.

What {Happens|Occurs|Takes place} when You {Skip out on|Avoid} Bail?

{A key|An essential|A crucial} {component|element|part} of the bail {process|procedure} is appearing in court as {required|needed}. {Failing to|Cannot} appear in court at the time set by the judge will {result in|lead to} bail bonds being {forfeited|surrendered}. When this {happens|occurs|takes place}, a warrant is {issued|provided|released} for the {defendant|accused|offender}, and {a whole|an entire} {new|brand-new} set of {problems|issues} {arises|occurs|develops|emerges}.

If a bonding service was {used|utilized}, they will {try to|attempt to|aim to} {recover|recuperate} {the money|the cash} they lost. In this case, they will {employ|utilize|use} {professionals|experts|specialists} who are {experts|professionals|specialists} in {finding|discovering} missing {people|individuals}. In this case, {bounty hunters|fugitive hunter} and skip tracers will be {put on|placed on} the {trail|path}. {Once|When|As soon as} the {missing|missing out on} {defendant|accused|offender} {is located|lies}, {he or she|she or he} will be {brought back to|reminded} stand trial, and in all likelihood the bail bonds service will {sue|take legal action against} to {recoup|recover} their lost capital.

The bail {process|procedure} is {an important|an essential|a crucial} {aspect|element} of an American’s {basic|fundamental|standard} right. Except for {certain|specific|particular} {extreme|severe} {circumstances|situations|scenarios}, {citizens|residents|people} are {guaranteed|ensured} a right to {reasonable|sensible|affordable} bail in order to {secure|protect} their {freedom|flexibility|liberty}.

So, {What|Exactly what} Are You {Waiting For|Waiting on|Awaiting}?

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