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Gene Beaty founded this firm decades ago and has been practicing excellent law for a long time. Click to see the slideshow below of his awards and distinctions

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“Practicing law over thirty (30) years has taught me that a successful law office combines intelligent, aggressive and ethical legal representation with quality communications with my clients. When you are my client, you are treated with integrity and respect. I listen to and communicate frequently with you. I use the latest technology and cost-effective business practices to assure that you know what's happening in your case. Having served as Associate Judge, I am experienced in trial and the legal process. Also, I have training and experience in forensic law and science. You deserve the wisdom of my experience combined with my understanding of the science and law.”

Our Plano DWI defense firm works hard to support our clients no matter the situation at hand. At Beaty Law Firm, we understand that sometimes good people make mistakes. However, if you’re convicted of DWI, you could end up facing tough penalties such as: jail time, loss of driving privileges, fines, or community service. Additionally, your insurance rates can be increased and you may even be shut out from some job opportunities due to your conviction. Gene Beaty is a graduate of SMU law school and law journal editor who focuses on DWI defense with many trials, acquittals and reduced charges benefiting his clients.

Gene Beaty has been practicing law since 1971, tried cases to judges and juries, presided as judge and negotiated many agreements. He trained at the University of North Texas and SMU Law School and began practicing law in 1971 as a Defense Attorney and Prosecutor with the United States Air Force at a large training base in Texas. He was acting Staff Judge Advocate at a medical and scientific laboratory in San Antonio when he resigned his commission to enter private practice.

In 1982, Gene was selected as Associate Judge for the District Courts of Dallas County.

After returning to private practice, he resumed an active trial and office practice, primarily handling insurance, family and criminal law cases. He now focuses on DWI defense cases, providing quality client service and communication to help clients get through this difficult process.

Beaty Law Firm seeks to provide high quality professional legal services to its clients while encouraging and maintaining cordial professional relations with other lawyers, court and State's Attorney staffs and others in the legal and social community. We constantly seek new innovative ways to develop business practices and processes that utilize current cloud technology as much as feasible in order to better provide cost effective relations with our clients and others. We market aggressively on the internet to attract smart, sophisticated clients who will allow us to keep costs down and improve communications and client services.

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